Published Mar 3, 2024

The site is an experiment! I don’t know a lot about web development, my

is actually in mechanical engineering and product design, so this site is an ongoing challenge to myself to learn how web dev/design works. To that end, it’s actually a sveltekit app (lol), which, yes, is overkill, but:

  1. it's good practice,
  2. it lets me natively host fun little experiments (compared to a static site), and
  3. I'm having fun with it

If you want to yell at me and tell me this is a bad idea,

feel free!

The ‘stack’

People are too dogmatic about ‘stacks’, but for posterity and transparency here is how this website works.

  • it is a Sveltekit App
  • all notes are .md files, which I use
    to parse/render
    • this lets me make fun interactive posts by embedding svelte components right in the markdown
    • it also lets me make custom components easily, like
      internal links,
      external links,
      or, my favorite,
      links to my twitter, specifically.
    • I’m probably going to point an obsidian vault at the notes path at some point so I can easily write these instead of writing them in vscode/cursor.
  • the notes are server-side rendered, which from what I understand is a good thing

Why did I do it like this?

If you’re thinking “this is maybe too complex a solution for what you need” or “why did you build this yourself when x or y does it for you?”, do not fret! As I mentioned above the fold, I am optimizing for learning and having fun more so than efficiency or “correctness”, whatever that means, and it’s been quite an enjoyable process so far.

Hope that helps!